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Whitney, advocate and epilepsy blogger
"After having a series of seizures a few weeks ago I was able to show my neurologist data I logged in the app. I was also able to sync My Storylines with my FitBit!"
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Now it’s easy to record your symptoms, seizure activity, moods, medication, and more to help you manage your epilepsy. Choose what you want to track to build your own “My Storylines”. Learn more about managing your health, and share more with your doctor about what happened between visits.
Record seizures and triggers
Record each seizure after they happen to gain insights on your seizure activity. Include details such as length of seizure and triggers to have an accurate record of your seizures, so that your doctor can determine the best way to help you manage them.
Uncover mood patterns
Keep track of your emotions and what might be driving them, to help you understand the impact of daily events or the effects of medications on your mood.
Never miss a dose
Taking your medications on schedule everyday is important for seizure control. Keep your mind at ease by receiving reliable reminders for taking your medications on your mobile device.
Be prepared
Note down how you want to be helped during a seizure and your emergency contacts. Share this information with the people around you so they know how best to safely help you.
That's not all
Symptom Tracker
Track your symptoms and any changes in severity.
Daily Vitals
Monitor your vital signs to manage medical issues.
Healthy Doses
Inspirational quotes for your mind and spirit.
My Journal
Write down your thoughts and capture life moments.
Sync a Device
Connect with your health and fitness devices.
Tool Library
Access other tools to help you manage your health.
Circle of Support
Share your health story with your peers.
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