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Susan, ADDA member and independent blogger
"At the beginning I used the Daily Mood tracker because it really helped me to get a sense of how I am doing on a daily basis and not feel overwhelmed. Then, I started to use the Routine Builder. I like the way I can put in a routine that I want to create, it reminds me and I can keep track of how well I am doing keeping up with my routine through the history graphic. My Storylines which summarizes all of my inputs would be valuable to take to my doctor as it is concise enough to make sense of things."
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Choose what you want to track to build your own “My Storylines”. Learn more about managing your health, and share more with your care team so they know how you’ve been doing between visits.
Build Routines
Build your own routines, get reminders and track your weekly progress.
Uncover mood patterns
Keep track of your emotions and what might be causing them, to help you understand the impact of daily events or the effects of medications on your mood.
Never miss a medication
Keep your mind at ease by receiving reliable reminders for taking your medications on your mobile device.
Sync with other devices
Connect your other health and fitness devices like Fitbit and Jawbone.
That's not all
Symptom Tracker
Track your symptoms and any changes in severity.
Daily Vitals
Monitor your vital signs to manage medical issues.
Healthy Doses
Inspirational quotes for your mind and spirit.
My Journal
Write down your thoughts and capture life moments.
Task Challenger
Document your completion of important tasks.
Tool Library
Access other tools to help you manage your health.
Circle of Support
Share your health story with your peers.
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