A Warm Welcome from the CEO

March 12, 2015

Dear patients, caregivers, and everyone who is part of the patient journey,

For many years, patients have been seen as passive recipients of care, being inundated with healthcare information and directions from health care professionals. Personally, I have experienced this myself as a patient. I’ve been thinking that we’ve become too dependent on our healthcare systems for far too long. As a result we have becoming increasingly dependent on our care providers, and lost control of our own health.  It is about time that we drive our own healthcare; this is our life and our future after all.

When we experience illness, we are challenged physically, emotionally and socially. Oftentimes it becomes an isolating experience. We have many questions to ask, information to sift through, new knowledge to learn, and often a long list of instructions from our doctors. It is often a 10 minute in and out visit to our doctor – what used to be a conversation with physicians is gone. What’s worse is that we experience all these, along with the complexity of the healthcare system that often add difficulty to our journey.

We’ve heard countless accounts from patients who are no longer willing to watch and wait. It is about time that we have the opportunity to share our health stories and finally be heard. We want to be accountable for, responsible for, and most important in control of our own health.

We are pleased to share with you our contribution to healthcare: a Self Care and Support Tool called Health Storylines. With Health Storylines, our goal is to make sure you’re supported through your health journey. We believe that we can unlock the power of our own experiences through anonymized and aggregated information to influence and drive healthcare innovations.

We invite you to try Health Storylines and we look forward to your hearing your health stories very soon!



Grace Soyao
Founder & CEO
Self Care Catalysts