Asthma Management Support for Families

August 11, 2015

Leading nonprofit patient education organization Allergy & Asthma Network announces the launch of a unique asthma management tool: the free Asthma Storylines app. Powered by Health Storylines™, this is a self-care tool that allows users to track symptoms and create an accurate record of asthma that can be easily shared with the patient’s healthcare team.

“Asthma is a variable disease, with symptoms that may seem random,” says Tonya Winders, Allergy & Asthma Network President and CEO. “With understanding and a watchful eye, however, patients and families can see the pattern of their symptoms and learn to prevent and treat them before they get out of control. The Asthma Storylines app offers families a way to build and see the story of their child’s health and work with their healthcare team to develop a personalized Asthma Action Plan of prevention and treatment.”

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