Your Health. Your Story.
Health Storylines™ was created by a passionate team of self-care advocates who believe that the key to healthcare innovation is to hear the voice of the patient.


"Health Storylines™ made a contribution to my life for which I have no words. I was just floundering out there. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and knew nothing about about my disorder. Through Health Storylines™, I am learning."
Carol S., 54-year-old living with epilepsy
"Thank you for creating Health Storylines™. It has been supportive and does not let me feel so alone with a newly diagnosed disease. I am learning more all the time by using the app."
David F., 48-year-old living with epilepsy
"My favourite part of the app is “Daily Mood" - I was actually shocked to see how many sad faces I recorded because I consider myself so upbeat and positive. This is such an amazingly easy and great feature that really gives a lot of insight."
Ruby T., 52-year-old living with cancer
"By keeping track of my foods I now have a better understanding which foods I can or cannot tolerate."
Anthony K., 41-year-old living with psoriasis

Use the journal to capture your thoughts and emotions.

Track and set reminders for when it's time to take your medication.

Develop and check in with your Circle of Support

Share your medical information with your care team

How can you use Health Storylines™?

Your Companion

Customize Health Storylines™ to match your condition, your treatment plan and your goals. Health Storylines™ is always ready to record your story as it unfolds and connects you to the support you need.

Your Voice

Track your mood, sleep patterns, physical activity and general condition on the same timeline as your treatment. Health Storylines™ makes sure you have an accurate, shareable record of your experience between physician visits, and helps you and your team discover the treatment strategies that are working best for you.

Your Coach

Input instructions from your medical team for things like medication, diet and exercise. Health Storylines™ stays with you wherever you go, providing reminders, helping you stick to your plan, and recording each activity so you never lose track.

Your Community

Invite the people who care for you to connect with the Health Storylines™ app. Share your progress with them in real time. Let them empower you with their support and encouragement, give you a boost when you need it, and celebrate your milestones.

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